Following is a list of the current and upcoming ports for Logos Hope. Click on a port name for detailed information. Please note: All ports and dates are subject to change. Ports and dates in orange italics are not confirmed yet.
Port Arrival Date Departure Date
Antofagasta, Chile January 4th, 2019 January 26th, 2019
Valparaiso, Chile January 29th, 2019 February 11th, 2019
Lirquen, Chile February 12th, 2019 February 28th, 2019
Punta Arenas, Chile March 6th, 2019 March 14th, 2019
Bahia Blanca, Argentina March 19th, 2019 April 1st, 2019
Montevideo, Uruguay April 3rd, 2019 April 21st, 2019
Rosario, Argentina May 30th, 2019 June 25th, 2019
Buenos Aires, Argentina June 26th, 2019 July 23rd, 2019
Mar Del Plata, Argentina July 24th, 2019 August 19th, 2019